Meet Our Attorneys

We at The Van Winkle Law Firm are committed to providing our clients with high-caliber legal services, from start to finish. Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, which has led to countless successful results. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, our large and reputable law firm has the skills and resources to tackle legal issues of any complexity.

We handle cases related to litigation, business, as well as trusts, estates, and elder law. With three office locations, our firm proudly extends its services to individuals and businesses throughout the nation.

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Koral F. Alman Koral F. Alman
Jackson C. Bebber Jackson C. Bebber
Jenny V. Boyer Jenny V. Boyer
Jones P. Byrd Jones P. Byrd
David M. Carter David M. Carter
Ryan W. Coffield Ryan W. Coffield
Carolyn L. Coward Carolyn L. Coward
Dale A. Curriden Dale A. Curriden
Jonathan Dunlap Jonathan Dunlap
Anderson T. Ellis Anderson T. Ellis
Katherine E. Fisher Katherine E. Fisher
Heather Whitaker Goldstein Heather Whitaker Goldstein
Stephen J. Grabenstein Stephen J. Grabenstein
Robert H. Haggard Robert H. Haggard
Larry C. Harris, Jr. Larry C. Harris, Jr.
William G. Heedy William G. Heedy
Matthew B. Holloway Matthew B. Holloway
Craig D. Justus Craig D. Justus
John G. Kelso John G. Kelso
B.J. Kilgore B.J. Kilgore
Brian T. Lawler Brian T. Lawler
Esther E. Manheimer Esther E. Manheimer
Robert A. Mays Robert A. Mays
Larry S. McDevitt Larry S. McDevitt
W. Carleton Metcalf W. Carleton Metcalf
James D. Nave James D. Nave
Mark A. Pinkston Mark A. Pinkston
Philip J. Smith Philip J. Smith
Kristen Rigsby Smith Kristen Rigsby Smith
Albert L. Sneed, Jr. Albert L. Sneed, Jr.
Allan R. Tarleton Allan R. Tarleton
Michael M. Thompson Michael M. Thompson
Lindsay Parris Thompson Lindsay Parris Thompson
John D. Veazey John D. Veazey
Adam S. Vorhis Adam S. Vorhis
David M. Wilkerson David M. Wilkerson
Stephen B. Williamson Stephen B. Williamson