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Family law matters can be some of the most difficult and delicate legal matters that a person can face. Such matters have the potential to be very emotionally and financially stressful, and as such, it is important to work with an attorney you can trust, who can reassure you and keep you informed of your options, guide you through the entire process from start to finish and ensure that you come through the process with dignity.

Established in 1907, The Van Winkle Law Firm has become one of the most trusted law firms in North Carolina. With a team of more than 35 experienced attorneys, we are committed to helping individuals and families resolve their legal matters with compassion and skill. We focus on providing personalized solutions to each client to ensure that their best interests are protected.

Our Asheville attorneys handle the following types of family law matters:

Buncombe County is a Unified Family Court District

North Carolina has designated Buncombe County as a Unified Family Court District, which aims to handle all family law disputes in a timely, fair, and cost-effective manner. Compared to non-Unified Family Courts, divorces and other family law matters move through the courts much more efficiently and quickly in Unified Courts. Each case is assigned one Family Court judge who will stay with the parties so long as they have any matter that needs court attention.

Mediation is a mandatory requirement in both equitable distribution/property settlement and child custody cases in Buncombe County. Family law clients are encouraged to find cooperative and/or practical solutions to their family law matters at each juncture throughout the negotiation process wherever possible. The family law attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm have years of experience helping clients find favorable resolutions to legal problems – solutions that are not only suitable for the present, but that will also work in the best interests of the clients and their respective families far into the future. At our firm, you and your family’s well-being is our first priority.

Comprehensive Family Law Solutions

The Van Winkle Law Firm focuses on providing clients with the highest caliber of legal representation available. If you are seeking an attorney for assistance with divorce, modification of a court order, or another legal matter, we are prepared to handle your case with all of the expertise and professionalism it deserves. To schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, please fill out an online contact form or call our Asheville office at (800) 401-9386. We look forward to hearing from you.